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The Grosse Pointe Farms Medicaid Planning Attorneys at The Elder Law Firm PC know that modern medicine is helping Americans to live longer. This creates a unique problem — the likelihood that they will outlive their ability to care for themselves. This usually results in an extended nursing home stay or another costly long-term health care option.

Our asset protection strategies protect your family in a nursing home payment crisis situation. We can protect your family when you are at risk of going broke and/or losing your home because either someone is already admitted to a nursing home, or is about to be placed in a nursing home.

Our Grosse Pointe Farms Medicaid Attorneys have witnessed firsthand how the staggering costs of long-term health care and nursing home care can financially ruin many Grosse Pointe Farms families as they face outliving their money and assets. Our experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid experts in Grosse Pointe Farms at The Elder Law Firm PC specialize in helping seniors with Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Social Security Disability and other Elder Law issues.

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Grosse Pointe Farms area retirees who have played by the rules their entire lives, worked hard, lived frugally, and saved as much as they could in the hopes of having a nest egg for themselves and leaving some measure of financial security for their children and grandchildren are seeing their legacies evaporate, often in a matter of months, when, as often happens, the need for long-term care arises. This is where a Grosse Pointe Farms Medicaid Attorney can help.

Have questions about Michigan Medicaid? For more information about your long-term care options, contact the Grosse Pointe Farms Medicaid Attorneys at The Elder Law Firm PC, or call our office directly at 877-933-7252.